Many sales training programs encourage people to ask “nudging” questions during the sales process.

Questions such as the following:

“How does that sound?”

“Does that seem good?”

Nudging questions lead to clawback.

Every time you ask, “How does that sound?”, and consider a positive response as an approval to progress, you are simply NUDGING a customer along the sales process – as opposed to asking them to take clear steps towards a sale.

The customer concerned may end up buying something they don’t truly understand, since they’ve been nudged along a little too hurriedly, without being given the time to make their own fully-informed decision.

This allows a sales person to cheat the system easily and leads to higher clawback.

Use closed questions

Closed questions have definitive answers, and allow the customer to make an explicit choice. Use closed questions in your sales process, as that will lead to lower clawback. For example:

“So would you like the policy to cover your family as well, or just your mortgage?”

“So would like the policy to last until your children leave home, or until you retire?”

“So would you like your policy with Critical Illness Cover or without?”


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