• Do you get really excited when you’ve had a good day?
  • Do you get stressed and frustrated when you’ve had a bad day?

There’s nothing wrong with being happy about a successful day but be careful that you keep a check on it.

No business can get amazing results EVERYDAY. It’s important to be realistic.

EVERY business will have bad days. It is also important not to let any frustration translate into negativity or desperation in your team.

Extremities of emotion from the business leaders, especially negative ones, will be hard for your team to cope with. No matter how much they try showing that it doesn’t affect them, it does!

They look to you to motivate them in tough times as much as in celebrating their successes. And any hint of desperation from you will not inspire your team in the right way.

Just keep a check on yourself; do not be too excited on a good day and too dismal on a bad day.

Use the bad days to spot what can be improved

“There’s no such thing as a bad day, only a process that isn’t working”

Every bad day is simply an opportunity to identify what needs to be improved.

Think ahead . . . what processes could you improve to prevent the bad days from occurring again?

TOP TIP: If the performance of your business is consistently bad, then you may have a bigger problem.


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