Many protection businesses react hastily to day-to-day and month-on-month trading issues.

They end up in a constant cycle of decisionmaking that is primarily based on the road immediately in front of them rather than in consideration of the long term. They don’t take the time to think decisions through properly.

The effect of knee-jerk decisions

Most people say they like change; however, most people in fact DO NOT like change at all. This is because, for most people, change can make them feel as if they have no control over matters.

Especially in sales teams, any change will probably take time to blend in. It can take as much as three months for most people to get used to any changes that you implement.

It means your business can end up in a constant state of flux, and that negates any potential positive from the changes you make anyway!

A great idea today will remain a great idea tomorrow

If you have a great idea, sleep on it for a while.

Waiting for a few days just to make sure that an idea really IS a good one can prevent your team from feeling as if they’re constantly yoyoing to keep up with the changes!


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