I’ve done it before.

I once hired someone I thought was one of the best salespeople from among the largest protection brokerages.

He came across as confident, could talk the talk, and had won several awards in his last company. How could I resist?

But I quickly realised my mistake

Within the first two weeks of joining, he asked which insurer he could use to get standard rates for a customer with angina!

Could you really sleep at night with such things happening in your business?

He was out of the door as quickly as he had come. But this shows us how easy it is to hire the wrong people.

The most dangerous salespeople can ONLY sell themselves

They usually put up an act of bravado or arrogance. They actually have little ability to sell with intelligence, understanding, or care. What’s even worse, they’re often very good at cheating the system. It’s just you have not yet discovered how!

You don’t want these people in your business!

BEWARE: If one of these sales people reach a management position, then you’ve really got your work cut out (I made that mistake too!)

Start hiring on values, not just sales ability

Some salespeople are prepared to gamble with a customer’s financial security and future for a bigger commission cheque. Skills and experience are not usually the problem. It is difference in values.

Decide WHO you’re looking for, as well as WHAT

Skills can be taught, and experience can be gained, but values are a fundamental part of someone and very difficult to change.

“If you have to push someone, then you’ve hired the wrong person”

TOP TIP: If someone needs a stick to keep them motivated and working, then they’re probably not right. If someone needs you to show them right from wrong, then they’re definitely not the right person!


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