How much control do you REALLY have?

Most sales processes related to protection are nothing more than a few pages of scripting and a flow chart, which results in the lack of control over your sales process.

Without a detailed and structured process, most sales people will be doing varied things on each call. With a larger team, everyone will be doing different things from each other.

  • How can you spot mistakes when there is no detailed sales process to check against?
  • How do you correct and improve people effectively?
  • How can you help people effectively when they stop performing?
  • How can you genuinely say that every call is compliant?

The lack of control can lead to desperate sales people who:

  • Sell only on price
  • Rush towards closure to “get the deal”
  • Miss opportunities for up-selling and crossselling

The result is a lower average commission or higher clawback! At best, the sales people will lose confidence, and at worst, it can lead to deliberate non-disclosure; fraudulently achieving a sale with “standard rate” underwriting.

What does an effective and controlled sales process look like?

  • A detailed “decision-tree” based script
  • Structured call flow with stages simplified into product options
  • A call monitoring plan to check for the script and stages
  • A clear operational process map
  • KPIs that directly connect operational processes and call stages to the outcomes

An effective sales process means customers are more likely to buy a policy, keep a policy, and spend more on alternative options.

Questionable compliance?

If you’ve not got a detailed sales process in place, can you be sure you’re 100% FCA compliant?

  • Only with genuine control over the sales journey can you be sure your business is truly compliant
  • A detailed, structured script and sales process outline ensures you have full compliance with FCA regulations, and that your customers have genuinely made an informed decision


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