Managing Distribution Risk

A one day workshop to help Insurers drive better outcomes from their distributors.

So you want to drive more business, but how much can you genuinely help distributors manage their businesses more effectively?

Managing risk, persistency and driving better outcomes

You’ll probably have distributors of varying shapes and sizes. One of the biggest issues within protection distribution, however, is the ability to mitigate risk with potentially problematic firms. The added risk of paying commission on indemnity with an opaque view of the firms receiving such commissions can result in big problems. My workshops will educate your teams on best practice for distributors, as well as helping you to identify problems earlier. 

Comments From Workshop Attendees

One Day Workshop

A one day workshop to improve your team knowledge in the following areas:

Lead Generation

Including but not limited to; current lead generation models, red flags, GDPR and loopholes, identification of “good” lead gen firms


Including but not limited to; what really makes a distributor want to sell your products, greater financial reserves and protection.


Including but not limited to; identifying “good” distributors, identifying problem distributors more quickly, improving poor distributor processes

Example Day

An initial workshop session to cover the following points:

Introduction (9:30am to 10am)

1) Luke’s story
2) Why I’m here
3) Agree goals for the day/project

Lead Generation (10am to 11am)

1) The different lead generation models
2) How an individual “becomes” a lead
3) GDPR compliance and loopholes
4) The VAT issue

Distribution (11:15am to 12:30pm)

1) Is it possible to identify “good” lead gen firms?
2) What processes does a “good” firm have?
3) UK-based / FCA registered only firms?
4) What level of MI does a good firm have?
5) Real profitability; forecasting clawback effectively

Managing Firms (1:30pm – 3pm)

1) Why do they go under, and how can you spot it more quickly?
2) Warning signs in recruitment, training, culture and incentives
3) Good and distributor examples; where did they go wrong?

What can we do now? (3:15pm – 4:30pm)

1) How could you be a better business consultant?
2) How can the business balance commercial and risk more effectively?

Comments from the industry

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